Tour Buzz

GODZILLA VS. GODZILLA: Has this town been without Gene Simmons or Vince Neil for even a minute? And yet, their respective bands—Kiss and Mötley Crüe—are coming to Mandalay Bay on Aug. 11 ($86-$163) as if they haven’t stepped foot in this town for years. In baseball parlance, this is a freeway series: a Vegas strip-club owner vs. a Vegas mini-golf mogul. It’s difficult to predict which band will deliver the more entertaining set, as both have been doing what they do for so long that they have to go out of their way to suck: The machines they’ve fashioned around themselves, behemoths built of amplifiers and visual effects gear, are simply too big to fail. Who will win? The answer is obvious: The hard-rockin’, trucker hat-wearin’, strip-club and mini-golf patronizin’ fans! Like you, bubba.

PARTY GOLD: You couldn’t ask for a more solid double bill than post-punk powerhouse Bloc Party and dub-rock diva Santigold, playing poolside at the Cosmopolitan on Aug. 11 ($42). The headliner is coming in hot: Bloc Party’s new album Four drops a little more than a week after the band’s Vegas visit. In a July 19 interview in Rolling Stone, lead singer Kele Okereke said the new songs are raw, lo-fi and “confrontational.” Now that’s the band I fell in love with in 2005.

NOW ON SALE: We’re all thinking it: As cool as it will be to see the remaining members of The Who (Roger Daltrey, Pete Townshend and a bunch of hired guns) at The Joint on Feb. 8 ($71-$850)—playing Quadrophenia in its entirety, no less—it’s kinda creepy that they’ll be doing it a scant hundred feet away from where the band’s bassist John Entwistle died of a cocaine overdose 10 years ago. It’s almost a gesture of forgiveness to the Hard Rock and Las Vegas, one with a note of the operatic. Somebody should record a concept album about this.