The Bourne Legacy

(PG-13) ★★☆☆☆

Jeremy Renner reboots the Matt Damon franchise as Aaron Cross, another highly trained government killer. The film pits Cross against his would-be assailants and sends him running alongside fellow target Marta (Rachel Weisz). Some old faces make cameos. But largely, the film misses the craft of previous director Paul Greengrass. It’s not sharp, too tangled narratively, and while it picks up at the end, it’s hard to get excited about and doesn’t touch its predecessors.

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Black Hat Trick


Black Hat Trick

By Leah Rosen, Tribune Media Services

There’s a reason Matthew McConaughey’s character wears a black Stetson in Killer Joe, a self-knowingly sleazy crime drama that’s simultaneously repellent and enjoyable. His is no white-hat role, and both he and the movie are the better for it. McConaughey is in the midst of a career revival, leaving behind the brainless, lightweight charmers he played in a string of flimsy romantic comedies to portray more complicated, morally challenged, middle-aged guys in films such as Magic Mike and The Lincoln Lawyer.