Changing Lanes

Depending on the time of day or weather conditions, it can be difficult to determine what lane you’re in—or supposed to be in—on westbound Interstate 215 near the McCarran International Airport off-ramp. Construction within the 215 median, which will add lanes in both directions between Windmill Parkway and the 215/I-15 interchange, isn’t scheduled to be completed until December 2013, but the biggest problem is that the old lane markers between Windmill and the Airport Connector are still visible, creating an increased potential for accidents in that area.

Dan Kulin, public information officer for Clark County, which is overseeing the project, says the ghost stripes should have been painted over or ground down, but still they remain. It isn’t difficult to identify the correct lane designators most of the time, but if you have the misfortune of navigating that stretch of highway as the sun is peeking over the western landscape, the glare off the vestigial stripes can be truly confusing.

The I-215 Airport Connector Phase 1 project will also widen 14 bridges in five locations (Airport Connector, Paradise Road, Warm Springs Road, Robindale Road and Duck Creek), improving traffic conditions in that area. But unless the old lane markers are concealed soon, the county is risking motorists’ safety on precisely the stretch it’s trying to improve.

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