GNR nearly revealed at Crüe show

For those paying extra close attention to their hard-rock guitarist social-media feeds, the jig was almost up Aug. 11, when DJ Ashba let it fly that he was at the KISS and Mötley Crüe concert that evening at Mandalay Bay.

Wait, we’ll back up for those of you who aren’t with us: DJ Ashba is better known as “The Guy Who Isn’t Izzy Stradlin” in Axl Rose’s current Guns N’ Roses lineup.

Guns’ guitar player in Las Vegas? Now it all makes sense, as on Aug. 13, the Hard Rock Hotel announced that the Gunners would be doing a 12-date residency at The Joint, launching on Halloween and running through Nov. 24. And it was promised that the set list would include cuts from Chinese Democracy, so … you’re welcome, GNR fans.

But that Crüe show wasn’t just notable for the inherent torch passing from one former Joint resident to the next. No, it also drew Nic “Not the Bees” Cage, who didn’t limit his rocking out to just the concert.

After the show, Cage was spotted hanging out with his wife and Vince Neil at Neil’s Girls, Girls, Girls strip club. Which we assume is how he’ll get his inspiration for the Wicker Man-themed How’d It Get Burned Grills, Grills, Grills restaurant Cage is soon to open.

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