Serious Fluff


Clouds are awesome, both in terms of scale and in the meaning that they’re, well, awesome. When the skies are filled with them—as they have been, spectacularly so, these past few monsoon-season weeks—nearly every one of us takes the time to look up and consider them. Not even the Olympics can draw that many willing viewers. Recently, “travel culture” site Matador Network gave clouds their due with a dazzling pictorial featuring 60 cloud formations from globe-spanning locales: wave clouds from the Indian Ocean; cirrocumulus clouds from Chilbridge, England; roll clouds over Punta del Este, Uruguay; and many more. With no reservations whatsoever, I strongly recommend that you check out this work-safe collection of sexy, sexy cloud porn. Your day simply isn’t complete until you’ve seen a mammatus storm over Norman, Okla., or stared slack-jawed at a curvy lenticular funnel shimmying toward Palm Springs, Calif. After seeing these, you’ll consider the orange-and-cream fluff over Las Vegas with renewed appreciation. Maybe we should start a Cloud Olympics.