Shadia Taylor

General manager of Stitched at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, age 30.

Photographed by Andrew Sea James at the Cosmopolitan

What she’s wearing now: Marciano bodysuit, Stitched linen suit and pocket square, Aldo shoes and hoop earrings.

Fashion motto: Every day is a stiletto kind of day.

Helping outfit some of the best-dressed men in Las Vegas, Taylor honed her retail skills as the business manager for Yves Saint Laurent cosmetics at Saks Fifth Avenue. Working for Stitched, the bespoke clothing company, is her first foray into the men’s department. “It’s easier to wardrobe a woman because I can relate to their style needs, but, with men, their minds can be opened to new looks and styles easily,” Taylor says. Now that she’s moved into the realm of wing tips and sport coats, Taylor says she has the inside track for the fellas. “I stay so forward on fashion trends for men, I often miss out on the buzz of women’s fashion.”