Virgin Alexander Filmmakers Take DVD Victory Lap, Eye Next Project

Local filmmakers Sean Fallon and Charlotte Barrett came out the gate with their debut feature Virgin Alexander, starring former Jersey Boys lead Rick Faugno last year, where it was a hit on the festival circuit — including the Las Vegas Film Festival, where it won Best Feature.

A Great Recession comedy, Virgin tells the tale of Alexander, who’s trying to stave off foreclosure by starting a brothel. (A perfectly reasonable business model, all things considered.)

For the last three weeks, the film has been available on DVD, where it sold out on its first day, then sold out again last week. By the end of the month, the movie will be available on Video on Demand, and Fallon expects Netflix streaming to follow in a few months.

“It’s been great. We’re really happy with the company we signed with, our distribution company, Osiris. Because of the subject matter of the film they could have really sold it as kind of American Pie raunchy sex comedy, but they’re selling it for what it is which is a quirky indie comedy,” Barrett says. “We were really worried that when they designed a poster it was just going to be boobs,” Fallon added.

“And that’s totally not what our film is,” Barrett continues. “If you go in wanting that, you’re going to hate our movie.”

With one movie under their belt, Fallon said it’s helped them as they move forward developing new projects. It’s easy to write a 10-car pileup into a script, but when it comes time to pay the bills, indie budgets meet the hard reality of action sequences and deposit you on the doorstep of on-the-fly script rewrites.

For the next one, the duo is taking that into consideration as they try to toe the line between ambition and practicality. Currently, they’re penning Ranchero, about a fired mailman who has to take a job as a south Texas ranchhand to pay the bills when his daughter starts charging him rent.

“Basically, [it’s] another movie like Virgin Alexander about a sad character picking up the pieces of his life, but in an openly charming way,” Fallon says.

They expect to take the rest of the year to finish scripting, move into pre-production early in 2013 and start filming sometime in the fall. While Fallon said they’d like to shoot in Vegas, and the budget for this film will be higher than that of Virgin, they don’t know where filming will take place just yet.

“Nevada right now doesn’t have great incentives like other states do. I know some things are starting to happen, but at this level we can’t dictate where we go. Outside factors greatly influence us.”