She’s So Vine

Sometimes nature-watching in Las Vegas is a two-way street, as this camera-wielding pedestrian discovered during a recent trip to the Shoppes at the Palazzo.

But be sure not to take anything more than photos if you encounter such foliage. Messing with Mother Nature is not only unwise, it could also result in a call to security. The living, breathing greenery is part of the resort’s Carnevale celebration, which continues through Sept. 9.

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On Wings of (Legal) Eagles


On Wings of (Legal) Eagles

If you’re looking for free advice from a $400-an-hour attorney, you came to the right town. The city of Las Vegas recently teamed up with law firm Lionel Sawyer & Collins to offer a series of free legal seminars downtown. Sessions have already covered such business topics as licensing, zoning and trademarks. The next two seminars—small-claims court and trust and estate planning—should appeal to a wider audience.