She’s So Vine

Sometimes nature-watching in Las Vegas is a two-way street, as this camera-wielding pedestrian discovered during a recent trip to the Shoppes at the Palazzo.

But be sure not to take anything more than photos if you encounter such foliage. Messing with Mother Nature is not only unwise, it could also result in a call to security. The living, breathing greenery is part of the resort’s Carnevale celebration, which continues through Sept. 9.

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Let’s Ride

Under the big western sky, or rafters, as the case may be, the cowboy legend lives on. The South Point recently hosted the Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association’s Scully Western U.S. Championship. As the contestants rode the dusty, uh, range taking out balloon targets with single-action .45s, spectators could imagine their way back to the days when the West was wild.