She’s So Vine

Sometimes nature-watching in Las Vegas is a two-way street, as this camera-wielding pedestrian discovered during a recent trip to the Shoppes at the Palazzo.

But be sure not to take anything more than photos if you encounter such foliage. Messing with Mother Nature is not only unwise, it could also result in a call to security. The living, breathing greenery is part of the resort’s Carnevale celebration, which continues through Sept. 9.

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Jamie Hyneman

By Matt Jacob

If there were an award given for Most Eclectic Résumé, Jamie Hyneman not only would win it, he’d leave the second- and third-place finishers in his dust. The man owns a degree in literature, and another in Russian. He once operated a successful sailing/diving charter business in the Caribbean (he’s a certified dive master). He’s a wilderness-survival expert. He’s built dozens of robots and toy prototypes. He’s the hands-on owner of a special-effects shop in San Francisco. And he holds patents for multiple inventions.