Cue the DJ

Las Vegas’ DJ Scotty Boy sets his sights and stakes his future on a downtown pool hall

Las Vegas partying locals are no doubt familiar with one of the most familiar faces in the DJ scene, Scott “Scotty Boy” Schroer. From his current residency at Marquee Nightclub & Dayclub to his Top 10 ranking in the DJ Times’ America’s Best DJ poll three years running, plus a spot in’s Top 100, he’s also won over the dance charts with his production pals Revolvr and DJ Red. If the life of a touring DJ wasn’t enough to keep him busy, Schroer plans to add owner/operator of a new downtown bar to his résumé this fall with the opening of Triple B: Backstage Bar & Billiards at 601 E. Fremont Street.

The Fremont Country Club

Triple B isn’t the only venue opening at 601 Fremont Street. “Big Daddy” Carlos Adley and his wife, Ava—already successful venue owners in Hollywood—have partnered with Four Queens owner Terry Caudill and other local tastemakers to open the Fremont Country Club.

They’ll be bringing a bevy of bands thanks to music promoters Michael Chugg and Brian Saliba, among others. “It’s not a country bar,” Adley says. “It’s a play on words, and an homage to the Reseda Country Club in L.A.”

The approximately 1,000-person capacity live-music venue is slated to open late fall/early winter. Adley explains the opening is pushed back because he is adding a downtown radio station showcasing bands, celebrity friends, First Friday artists, DJ and more.

So, what will the inside look like? Says Adley, “Picture 30-foot-tall diamond-tucked silver lamé walls with chariot wagons in the sky, bejeweled merry-go-round ponies on the bar and horseshoe VIP booths elevated six feet in the air.” –D.R.

How does a Las Vegas DJ become a bar owner along with House of Pain’s DJ Lethal?

Carlos “Big Daddy” [Adley; developer] and Ava [Berman; Adley’s wife] whom I’ve known for probably 15, 20 years, are good friends of mine. They own a lot in Hollywood and opened up a lot of clubs in Hollywood back in the ’90s. They approached me about getting a bar in Vegas probably about eight years ago. So I saved up, and then two years ago, put the money into it, got the location and pretty much said, “It’s all a go.” Then obviously the economy slowed us down. I think that right now the timing’s good with Commonwealth and Park on Fremont and the other places that are opening up.

So it will be located in the old “Fingerprint Building” where casino employees got fingerprinted for their Sherriff’s card?

Yeah, [and before that] it was the Sears [department store] building. To make the city happy we gotta do the ground floor first. So we’re starting with that—the Fremont Country Club will be the concert venue and then I have Triple B: Backstage Bar & Billiards, which will be a rock ’n’ roll sports bar—pool tables, a bunch of video screens playing lots of old vintage ’70s live-concert footage. It’s also very DJ-driven because I’m a partner in it. You’re going to see a lot of turntable-themed stuff, a very DJ-friendly bar.

What’s the opening date?

The plan is to be open by the fall. Originally I just wanted a simple little hole-in-the-wall rock ’n’ roll bar. And then it kept getting bigger and bigger and bigger. There’s no billiards within a 10-mile radius and there’s no sports bar—I mean, where can you go that’s not a casino? I’m not really into sports all that much but I thought, “Hey, let’s do it.”

What’s your official role in the this project?

I’m part-owner and operating partner and DJ. Originally I was going to run it, operate it, do everything else and kind of give up DJing. But then DJing kind of blew back up again. But I want to be there as much as I possibly can. It’s my baby. … I’m in the process right now of moving downtown and settling myself in the downtown scene.

Since DJing has blown back up again for you, what’s new on the music front?

Fedde le Grand actually just signed my first full, original vocal track [called “Know Your Name Tonight”]. A. Jay Popoff from the band Lit sang the vocals. [DJ Red and I] finished it, and hopefully it’ll come out within the next couple months [on Flamingo Recordings]. So the production’s still there, still maintaining that because I rely on that for touring.

Do you think spending more time in Las Vegas with the bar increase or limit the time you have for productions?

I think it will [increase], because one of the ideas that I have—don’t know for sure if it’s going to happen or not—but I would like to put a studio above the bar and bring in friends when they’re in town playing, and bring a lot of the house DJs downtown and show them that there’s another part of Vegas. That’s kind of my goal. I want to bring more EDM downtown—I know it might not be ready for it yet, but Insomniac is involved in a few things [such as GlowRun], and there’s a lot of festival ideas being tossed around, plus there’ll be a concert venue [Fremont Country Club] that I can throw a big name in. It’s going to be hard to compete with Marquee and Wynn and all that, but I think we can definitely make a good run at a different crowd.

Aside from being the only pool hall for miles, what’s unique about Backstage Bar & Billiards?

One thing my partners are is very anti-Strip. No guest list, no ropes, no dress code. We’re going to be very friendly to everybody. I want to take care of locals. I want to be that guy bouncing around and making sure everyone’s having a good time and has a drink in their hand [laughs].

Will it be a Lakers bar since that’s your favorite team?

You bet, absolutely. It will definitely be a Lakers bar!