Fab Frame

When Polaroid announced they stopped producing instant film in 2008, The Impossible Project sprung into action acquiring its production equipment. Periodically, the company releases runs of instant film for the Polaroid lovers among us, and for this round, the frames go vibrant. Each of the eight exposures in a package of PX 680 Color Shade Rainbow Frame Instant Film comes in a different tint, surrounding photos with a variety of hues such as purple, orange and yellow.

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Holster It


Holster It

Roberu is famous in Japan for its handmade leather goods including boots, iPhone cases and wallets. Their latest endeavor includes crafting the Mirrorless Compact Camera Gun Holder from the full-grain tan leather for which they’re known. The case fits around the waist—belt style, and accommodates the Sony NEX series, Olympus PEN and Lumix G series. Just don’t try wearing it at the airport.