House-made Cello Flight, Sirio

For the perfect wrap up to an Italian feast, hail Sirio’s roving after-dinner drink cart for an amaro, grappa or one of chef Vincenzo Scarmiglia’s house-made seasonal cellos, based on a recipe passed down from his grandmother that takes nearly three weeks to create. Each is individually paired with a beautiful petit four in flights of up to five. Try the cocoacello with a cocoa nib cookie, the tangerinecello with a polenta cookie or the ultimate sweet ending, trufflecello with a truffle chocolate brownie.

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Hunter Gathering

Hunter Gathering

It’s hard to imagine K.C. Fazel barking out orders or coining catchphrases like the celebrity chefs with establishments up and down the Strip. His voice is soft but eager as he points to the two dozen cuts he has arranged on slabs of black slate in the kitchen of Tender Steak & Seafood at Luxor. He points out the differences among the four samples glistening on the rib-eye platter—a Kobe-style, a dry-aged Angus, a grass-fed version and a deep-red bison steak with little marbling.