Philly Cheez Steak Spring Rolls, Holsteins

A sort of low-brow East-meets-East-Coast item, this crunchy appetizer was a surprising hit. Tender beef is tucked into a deep-fried egg roll wrapper and served with “Udder” sauce (we’ll call it sweet chili). Cheez Whiz is rolled into the wrapper with the beef and comes out molten, so be careful biting into it, lest you get third-degree burns on your tongue. Our solution: Cut it open, allow to cool down, and enjoy.

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Las Vegas Claims Its Steak

Las Vegas Claims Its Steak

After more than 10,000 years of domestication, you wouldn’t think there’s much left to discover about a cow’s anatomy. At the Protein Innovation Summit in April, a team of meat scientists announced the “discovery” of the so-called Vegas Strip Steak. The new cut ( was actually developed by Tony Mata, principal of Mata & Associates, and Oklahoma State University, which is trademarking the name, applying for a patent on the process for carving the cut from the carcass and overseeing its licensing.