Pigskin Country

Our User's Guide to the 2012 Football Season, from the Sportsbook to the Turf

The nearest professional team is almost 300 miles away. The local college team, with its one winning season since 1995 and its ghost town of a stadium, might as well be, too. And yet at this time every year, Las Vegas is flush with football fever—so much so that you can reasonably argue ours ranks among the most passionate football communities in America. Rather than Cheeseheads and Terrible Towels, our football heritage is distinguished by parlay cards and betting tickets. So for our 2012 Football Issue, we’re embracing our culture with a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the wagering world. Meet the men behind the counter who set the odds, as well as the men on the other side of the counter who try to beat those odds—and they offer tips on how you can, too. And as for our Rebels, we’ve got some ideas on how to fill up the stadium—and the win column.