Boulevard Pool at the Cosmopolitan, Aug. 23

Channy Leaneagh’s ethereal voice permeated the air as the Minneapolis quartet delivered dark, electronic-pop and a sultry, hypnotic vibe. The short-haired, sylphlike front woman danced gracefully and applied Auto-Tune effects as she crooned, creating angelic layered vocals. Chris Bierden provided high- and low-pitched supporting vocals as his buoyant, driving bass lines cruised along with drummers Ben Ivascu and Drew Christopherson’s simultaneous breakdowns and crescendos. Even the mere sight of two sets of drumsticks moving in unison during the psychedelic track “Lay Your Cards Out” was entertaining.

In addition to atmospheric, moody tracks from their debut album, Give You the Ghost, Poliça presented some new material, including “Smug,” a tune with a hip-hop beat. After the airy, syncopated 11th song in the set, “Fist, Teeth, Money,” the band exited the stage. Kindly thanking the crowd, they encored with an extended version of their emotive hit “Wandering Star.” ★★★☆☆