Sin City Burger, Smashburger

These burgers are made from never-frozen meat, “smashed” on a griddle with a weight so that the patty gets a nice char around the edges. They’re available as either third- or half-pounders. The chain restaurant names a specialty burger in honor of its location, so the Sin City variety sports bacon, cheese and a fried egg. And it’s every bit as indulgent as its namesake.

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Las Vegas Claims Its Steak

Las Vegas Claims Its Steak

After more than 10,000 years of domestication, you wouldn’t think there’s much left to discover about a cow’s anatomy. At the Protein Innovation Summit in April, a team of meat scientists announced the “discovery” of the so-called Vegas Strip Steak. The new cut ( was actually developed by Tony Mata, principal of Mata & Associates, and Oklahoma State University, which is trademarking the name, applying for a patent on the process for carving the cut from the carcass and overseeing its licensing.