Through the Looking Glass

Stop lugging around an extra camera just to get that panoramic angle you’ve always wanted. Photojojo produces a series of lenses that simply snap onto the back of smartphones with a metal ring and magnet. The fisheye lens uses an ultra-wide angle, making photo subjects look like they are enclosed in a big bubble.

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Holly Madison, 32

My Object of Affection

Holly Madison, 32

“My most prized possession is a collection of troll dolls sent to me from fans around the world. An admirer brought me my first one to a meet-and-greet after Peepshow. I stashed it in my purse and took it out with me that night, posting pictures of its escapades on Twitter. People have been sending them from as far away as Norway ever since. I love the dolls because they’re so cute and there are so many odd varieties of them. I have one that sticks out its tongue when you squeeze its belly.”