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SHINING SON: It’s a funny thought, but as of this year Ziggy Marley has been recording and touring for a longer period of time than his legendary father Bob Marley—some 33 years to his father’s 19 years of music. And yet, every time I see Ziggy Marley perform—which I have, twice, and very much enjoyed—I think, Wow, he looks and sounds like his dad; this is some creepy time-machine stuff. It may be time to give the singer/songwriter of “Look Who’s Dancing” and “Power to Move Ya” his own due, and we could start when he plays Mandalay Bay on Aug. 31 ($46). Or we could just squint and pretend he’s Bob. He won’t know either way, and he probably doesn’t mind either way.

HE IS, WE SAID: Huh. Neil Diamond, you say? The name doesn’t ring a bell. Now, if only he had a song that is regularly performed at nearly every single karaoke night in the world, that’d be something … ha ha, I make a little jest. The gravel-voiced troubadour who gave us “Red Red Wine,” “America,” “Girl, You’ll Be a Woman Soon,” “Solitary Man” and, yes, karaoke perennial “Sweet Caroline” performs at the MGM Grand, Sept. 1 ($58-$152). Do I really have to explain what makes a Diamond show worth seeing? Very well, I will: He’s one of our greatest living songwriters, a Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, and he’s one of the few 71-year-old men who looks manly in sequins. Even Rick Rubin, the man who produced both Johnny Cash and Slayer, thinks Diamond is a badass. Because. He. Is.

NOW ON SALE: If you haven’t already done so by the time Oct. 20 rolls around, you should check the Hard Rock Hotel’s Soundwaves stage. Two grunge-era stalwarts, Toadies (pictured) and Helmet, will perform that night ($30). Grunge is always a fine choice to pair with a pool party.

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