The Writing On The Wall


Tumblr is not a place of quiet introspection. Most of the sites I’ve seen on the blogging service are picture-based and infantile. The superior Tumblr blogs, the ones I mention in this column, are still picture-based but clever, or infantile in an agreeable way. (Remind me to tell you about my Tumblr one of these days.) But Word Painting, a Tumblr curated by a “part-time writer” named TBV, goes hard against two of my preconceptions: It’s not infantile, and it’s not based on pictures. Word Painting is composed of quotes, excerpts and stories, and in places where the reposted Advice Animals usually go. The pictures that do appear on the blog are used strictly for flavoring, and are always related to books and reading. The resulting blog is not unlike a newspaper—hey, I remember those—except all the stories are Top Stories. Another reason to read Word Painting: The author seems to dislike Fifty Shades of Gray as much as you do.