Rattlecan Urbanizing Venetian in October

Sammy DeMarco, a.k.a. Sammy D of First Food & Bar in the Palazzo, is one of our most creative chefs — so when he unfurls a new project, it’s big news. Rattlecan should be open by mid-October at the Venetian, and it’s going to be hip, fun and affordable.

This is basically a burger and shot joint. You know: Jameson’s with a pickle back, etc., and fun spin-offs of familiar bar chow, such as Sammy’s original take on nachos (with crushed pizza crumbs and meatballs) and classic hamburgers cooked on a flat metal griddle.

But together with his partner, HDTV’s Anthony Ballatore, who has more tattoos than a leopard has spots, this will be an art-filled palace of funk. “Rattlecan” is graffiti artist slang for spray cans used to decorate those big city bridges, subway cars and blank playground walls. Ballatore has
assembled a number of artists, including Krink and Lady Aiko, to spray the walls with original work, and there will be many other contributors. The restaurant will seat 185, and there will be two patios, one facing the Strip, a second next to the sportsbook.