Beau & the Outfit

Cheyenne Saloon, Aug. 31

Lead singer Beau Hodges describes the sound of his Henderson band as “red dirt rock,” which is to say it’s a mix of Texas country storytelling and classic rock with an edge. The nine-song set consisted of heartfelt highlights, such as opener “Ole Slide” and two new offerings: “Take Your Tix” and “Boogity.” When singing “Semper Fi,” Beau explained the song’s meaning, thanked all who have served and got the crowd to chant the military cadence. The five members who make up Beau and the Outfit have been together for almost a year, and their three singers harmonize as if they have been around much longer. Tyler Williams plays banjo on some tracks while still singing and playing drums. The Outfit plans on recording a five-song EP in October, and will be supporting the release by playing locally as much as they can. It’s worth your time to catch their next show. ★★★☆☆

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