Eff Yeah Rocket Science


A little while back it landed a staggeringly advanced robot on another planet, captivated the notoriously fickle Internet and brought back the Mohawk haircut—but being a fast-forward culture that forgets things almost as quickly as they happen, it’s only natural that we should ask, “What the fuck has NASA done to make your life awesome?” Well, junior astronaut, it happens that there exists a website that goes by that exact name, and it answers the question by listing dozens of life-changing technologies pioneered by the space agency in the process of getting us, you know, off the planet and stuff. How about simplified kidney dialysis? The GPS satellites that provide half the functionality of your smartphone? The filter in your Brita water pitcher? And how about memory foam, dude? Memory foam! And if none of that stuff lights your candle, there’s always the “Fail to Launch” button that brings up yet another way that NASA changed your life. The Mohawk thing is just a bonus, although a welcome one.

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