Got Socks?

Is it us, or is there something chilling in the vision of hundreds of disembodied shrink-wrapped sneakers pointed our way, an army of phantom Jordans ready to walk right over us into a future where shoes become a pure fetish item, with no more need of pesky feet?

You can experience this sensation in person at the ShoeZeum, Neonopolis’ latest excursion into the unconventional. The attraction—the personal collection of a man named Jordy Geller—is open daily at 4 p.m. It’ll cost you $10, proving that even when you don’t wear the shoes, you still have to pay for them.

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One recent tapestry-sky DAY, intrepid freelance photographer Elizabeth Wolynski wandered the north end of the Strip in search of inspiration. Block after block she walked without meeting a living soul, until this fortuitous encounter with the owner of Alex Presley’s Unique Boutique. Turns out she found something inspirational indeed: Presley was spiffing up a wig for the Black & White Party, which took place Aug. 25 at the Hard Rock Hotel to benefit Aid for AIDS of Nevada.