Las Vegas Duo Black Boots Signed to Ultra Records

They don’t have a Twitter account. You can’t find them on Facebook or SoundCloud. They don’t have any of the trappings of that modern, cloud-based social-networking infrastructure. Yet somehow the Las Vegas duo dubbed Black Boots recently signed an exclusive deal with one of the world’s leading electronic labels, Ultra Records. But with tracks only in rotation in their own DJ sets, how did Pedi Amiri (a.k.a. Lightknife) and Mikey Francis (formally of Afghan Raiders) score such a sweet deal?

“We’ve been doing this thing in secret, honestly,” Amiri says. “We wanted to go against the grain of the music industry. People say now that you need to have a million views on YouTube, you have to have a huge following on Twitter and Facebook.” Instead, he and Francis focused on making music first, hoping the sound and vibe of Black Boots would speak for itself. “We sent it over to Ultra, they fell in love with it and signed us on as a long-term project.”

So how can you explore what Black Boots sounds like? “Right now there’s literally—and intentionally—nothing out there for a few more weeks,” Amiri says. Fortunately they let Vegas Seven give their tracks “Streetwalker” and “Rebels in the Night” a listen, as well as a peek at their teaser video/short film by local director Jeremy Cloe. As much as putting music into genre boxes sucks, we’d describe it as indie-dance or electro-rock. “It was this whole concept of mixing a little bit of rock ’n’ roll, a little bit of the indie vibe with a serious, non-compromising dance-floor banging sound—and I believe that’s what Ultra liked in the project,” Amiri says. We dig it, too, and suggest you follow @Lightknife and @mikeyXfrancis for Black Boots updates.