Vegas Visitors in a Sharing Mood

Here’s a quirky stat: It looks like more visitors to Vegas are rooming together. We’ve all heard stories and seen YouTube videos of fist-pumping club dudes shacking up 10 to a room, but now we have real numbers suggesting that three (or more) is no longer a crowd.

The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority reports that the total number of Las Vegas visitors was up 2.4 percent through June this year. Great news, right? More people equals more money spent, which equals more for us locals. Not exactly. The city’s overall occupancy rate remains flat at 85 percent. Weekend occupancy is actually down by 1 percent, suggesting that while convention guests are still keeping to themselves, those flocking to the city’s day- and nightclubs are sharing the fun.

So even though the average daily rate for a Vegas hotel or motel room has increased by more than 4 percent in the last year, some visitors are actually spending less on their accommodations. Which isn’t that surprising—bottle service isn’t cheap, after all—but it’s another number that shows the recovery doesn’t have quite the oomph that many had hoped for.