Where in the world is Marquee’s Mike Diamond?

If you’re a regular at Marquee Nightclub & Dayclub, you may have noticed a familiar face missing at the door. That’s because host and Celebrity Karaoke roaster Mike Diamond has packed up and headed to New York City … at least for now.

Ami James [of the famed tattoo shop Wooster St. Social Club] called me—we’ve known each other since 1998—and he said ‘Look, I need a store manager, someone who’s a little different. I need a guy who can stand up for himself and take control of the shop,’” Diamond says. And so he accepted.

Currently filming the next season of the tattoo shop’s NY Ink reality show, Diamond has transitioned smoothly into his new role as shop manager/office prankster. “The customer service and selling the tattoos and stuff like that came easy because I’m just so used to dealing with thousands of people. To be dealing with maybe a hundred people walking in the door is easy.”

Will Diamond eventually return to his old nightlife post? “I do miss Vegas. I’d like to be in both places. I miss a lot of the Marquee hosts—even though they were nuts—we had a pretty fun family!”

For now, Diamond’s phone still blows up 24/7 with Marquee inquiries. “If people are looking for me at Marquee, I would ask for Larson [Legris] or Justen Crews. Everyone’s been pretty awesome [about] if a regular asks for me, and they take care of them.”