Darby O’Gill and the Little People

McMullan’s Irish Pub, Sept. 7

The 11-year-old local Irish folk-rock band gained possession of the night with a broad spectrum of cover songs (including Flogging Molly, Pat Benatar and Mumford & Sons) and a few unforgettable originals, such as “I Got So Drunk (I Crapped Meself).” Vocalist and fiddler Tristan Moyer (a.k.a. Nancy Whiskey) offered fierce yet effortless vocal articulation. She was accompanied by front man Andy Morris (a.k.a., Darby O’Gill) and the busking spells of accordionist Joseph Brailsford (a.k.a. Ringo Malarkey). In this packed house, the audience also became the show. No one could ignore the whiskey toasts between each song and the guzzling of stouts throughout the evening. The five-piece band (their name inspired by a 1959 Disney movie) couldn’t have done a better combination of true Irish tunes and sarcastic comedic comments. ★★★★☆