Imagine Dragons

Hard Rock Café on the Strip, Sept. 5

This show was all about solidifying Imagine Dragons’ spot as the next “it” band from Vegas. I’ve seen them on many occasions over the years, but with this performance, the crowd treated them like budding stars. Fans were lip-syncing songs from Night Visions, which had only been released the day before and has already hit No. 1 on iTunes’ Alternative Charts. However, a singular focus on promoting the new left hardcore fans yearning for the old.

Dan Reynolds played his own mini-percussion set on lead single “Radioactive” and along with drummer Daniel Platzman on the electronica track “Tiptoe.” The audience clapped and hopped in place to the “clap-happy,” whistling intro of “On Top of the World.” Bassist Ben McKee’s strumming seemed intentionally spotlighted on “Amsterdam.” The indie rockers coasted on the mid-tempo, lyrically introspective “Demons” and then slowed down with “Every Night” as Reynolds sang about his promise to come home to his wife each night. There was a moment when guitarist Wayne Serman’s amp blew out. According to Reynolds, it was a part of the normal stage mishaps that fans are used to experiencing during the band’s progressive rise to mainstream popularity. “It’s Time” closed the show with old and new fans exiting the venue, visibly proud of their local boys made good. ★★★★☆