Jane’s Addiction

Boulevard Pool at the Cosmopolitan, Sept. 7

Calling their latest tour Theatre of the Escapists was appropriate for Jane’s Addiction as the band did just that: showed up, ran through a gamut of hits, then magically disappeared without an encore.

Way to leave the audience feeling like the show was merely a paycheck, guys.

Before that disappointment, which ultimately ruined a post-concert music high, the veteran band started off strong with a good ol’ fashioned sweaty, shirtless rock show. “Good evening, Las Vegas!” Front man Perry Farrell addressed the crowd a few songs in. “I looked out of my window and saw them setting up and thought this was gonna be a hot-shit show!” Numerous guests congregated on hotel-room balconies, getting a prime view of the action, while the pool deck below was packed like sardines with fans holding their camera-phones high.

Farrell shimmied across the stage with so much vigor and youth that you’d think the 53-year-old sleeps in Tupperware to stay so well-preserved—or maybe it’s whatever he was swigging from a bottle that keeps him pickled. For those who caught the reality show Married to Rock, Farrell’s wife Etty’s influence appears to continue on this tour with pseudo-strippers shaking it for added sex appeal. Speaking of sex appeal, Dave Navarro is back with the band, and his nipple rings and eyeliner were almost as intriguing as his expectedly impressive guitar skills. Counteracting the hotness, however, were performance-art oddities. Part of the onstage troupe covered their faces with something resembling Silly Putty, then shoved peacock feathers through the face-mask mess, bringing to mind a segment of Pink Floyd’s The Wall.

Whether the tour was more for money than music, we’ll never know. But Jane’s Addiction definitely earned that scrilla by playing the hits the fans craved, including resounding cheers to “Been Caught Stealing,” “Jane Says” “Irresistible Force,” “Mountain Song” and “Stop.” ★★☆☆☆

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