Pawn Star turns 30

Pawn Stars’ droopy-lidded sidekick, Chumlee, has crossed over into his fourth decade with a big 30th birthday party at LAX on Sept. 8. He got down with about 30 friends, going at the club from midnight until the wee hours. We suppose now that means the Old Man will have to be known as the Even Older Man.

Mike Sorrentino isn’t the only one who’s in the Vegas-related lawsuit game. Steve Wynn’s ongoing legal scuffle with Joe Francis took a turn for the even-more-bizarre when Francis claimed Quincy Jones told him that Wynn was planning on having him killed. Wynn sued for slander and on Sept. 10, a jury awarded Wynn a $20 million verdict, and another $20 million in punitive damages a day later. Whew. Finally, Wynn will have the dough to live out the rest of his life on easy street.

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