Pork Loin with Ace Cider, Public House

Medallions of tender pork are marinated in cider before being grilled and placed atop a succotash of rock shrimp, bold chorizo, tiny beads of fregola, roasted peppers and sweet corn. From the sweetness and acidity of the Ace Cider to the late-season bounty of peppers and corn, each bite tastes like a transition from summer to fall.

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A Tree Grows in Vegas


A Tree Grows in Vegas

By Debbie Lee

Las Vegas prides itself on indulging every whim and desire, but meeting the demands of an eco-conscious diner can sometimes be more challenging than catering to a high-roller. How does one reconcile a green lifestyle with a penchant for fine food? While the recent explosion of farmers markets suggests that we’re moving in the right direction, some restaurants are going a step further. Edible gardens—either on-site or within 60 miles of the city—reduce waste, minimize carbon footprints and keep the local farming community alive.