Reverb-erations, inhalations, experimentations

Neon Reverb added a couple of last-minute shows you should know about. On Sept. 14 at Azul Tequila (115 N. Seventh St.), two local bands will add their rock ’n’ roll flame to the festival’s musical bonfire: indie outfit Earth Rising and The Burning Symphony, which is wunderkind Wyatt McKenzie’s new Pixies-style grunge project. Then, on Sept. 15, also at Azul Tequila, Leogun—a Zeppelin-ish hard-rock outfit—arrives from London fresh from launching Yamaha’s new record label (Yamaha Entertainment Group). This show also features indie-pop band United Ghosts from L.A. and The People’s Temple, an acclaimed retro-garage-rock wrecking crew from Michigan. But on this bill, I’m most excited about opener, The Dirty Hooks.

You should catch local stoner-doom quartet Demon Lung’s industry showcase at Yayo Taco at 8 p.m. Sept. 17. A metal-label bidding war has erupted over this band, whose Pareidolia EP I gushed about in March. This show is headlined by my new favorite ’70s-sounding trad-metal act Gypsyhawk. The L.A. band just released sophomore album Revelry & Resilience, and it’s loaded with the classic rock-style twin-guitar solos. Gypsyhawk’s first single, “Galaxy Rise,” is a shot of cosmic adrenaline, one that will get you higher than a burning hemp kite. The lineup is sweetened by new Vegas metal act Lotus, featuring members of Oakland’s White Witch Canyon.

This column is about introducing readers to music that’s off the beaten path, so let’s take a trip: Vegas avant-garde composer, one-time college music professor and ex-Halloween Town member Nolan Stolz will be next month’s artist-in-residence at the Goldwell Open Air Museum in Rhyolite. Stolz’s is a music residency, though, and there have only ever been two other composers to earn this honor at Goldwell, a 15-acre sculpture garden 120 miles northwest of Vegas. Stolz was so inspired by a past Rhylolite visit that he wrote an experimental piece called Abyss for tuba and fixed electronic media. Abyss was performed at the UNLV Composers Alumni Concert in April. During his residency, Stolz plans to compose new original works and eventually debut them in Vegas before taking them on the road to be performed at avant-garde music festivals. For more info, visit

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