Two out of three ain’t bad

There hasn’t been a younger sibling who’s had an easier path into the role of “the successful one” since Joaquin Phoenix.

Ashlee Simpson, who only had to tick off “Don’t be Jessica” on the grand checklist of life to become the scion of that … talented? … family, was at Wet Republic on Sept. 8. And to reinforce just how much she’s the responsible, normal one of the fam, she came with Papa Joe.

While chilling in their cabana, Simpson drank water and ate Sno Cones. Because Ashlee Simpson at a dayclub is no different than a 6-year-old at a state fair, apparently.

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Fridays Belong to Forbes

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Fridays Belong to Forbes

By Deanna Rilling

While some “resident” DJs only make monthly—or even quarterly—stops at their nightclub “homes,” our local spinners still hold it down all over town with weekly residency gigs. And if they’ve got the right stuff, they’ll even get their own night: Vice Sundays at Lavo, Mike Attack Fridays at Moon and DJ Karma Saturdays at the Bank, for example. One of the more recent eponymous parties is that of Bay Area native Eric Forbes, who’s worked his way up the ranks to rocking Forbes Fridays at Tabú in the MGM Grand, where he spins—you guessed it—every Friday night.



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