This is why Don Draper drinks. It’s not because he’s living a lie; it’s not because he pushes away the people who try to get close to him; and it’s not even because of Pete Campbell, that sniveling little turd. No, the reason that Mad Men’s central character gets drunk several times daily is because he had to think of a hundred thousand different ways to sell needless things, and also because of Pete Campbell. Now Draper, obviously, is not a real person—but the print advertisements seen in Live Journal’s Vintage Ads community are all very real, and Draper-like men and women drank oceans of whiskey just so they could get you to buy jazzier TV dinners. Vintage Ads doesn’t say whether or not these gambits worked; there are no facts or figures presented with the ads, and no historical context given. What you see is what you get: Some 200-plus years of print ads for everything from sexy cars to sex itself. Look at these for longer than a few minutes and you’ll want a drink, too. – Geoff Carter

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Meet the (future) Mets


Meet the (future) Mets

By Phil Hagen

Next spring when Jerry Seinfeld performs in Las Vegas, the comedian can get a first-hand look at the future stars of his favorite baseball team. The Las Vegas 51s announced a two-year Player Development Contract with the New York Mets today, which will extend until the 2014 season. The affiliation will mark the fourth MLB franchise that the 51s, which just finished their 30th season in Las Vegas this summer, will serve as the top feeder team for—having just completed a four-year deal as the Triple A affiliate for the Toronto Blue Jays.