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With each passing Olympiad, election season further devolves from civics to sport—without the sportsmanship. But every so often, a campaign moment reminds us that elections are a golden opportunity to discuss, to dream—and to learn.

For this girl, President Barack Obama’s speech to 8,000 supporters Sept. 12 at Cashman Center may have been such a moment. When the crowd chanted “Four more years,” she chimed in, four fingers raised. Then she got back to wondering what all the shouting was about.

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Meet the (future) Mets


Meet the (future) Mets

By Phil Hagen

Next spring when Jerry Seinfeld performs in Las Vegas, the comedian can get a first-hand look at the future stars of his favorite baseball team. The Las Vegas 51s announced a two-year Player Development Contract with the New York Mets today, which will extend until the 2014 season. The affiliation will mark the fourth MLB franchise that the 51s, which just finished their 30th season in Las Vegas this summer, will serve as the top feeder team for—having just completed a four-year deal as the Triple A affiliate for the Toronto Blue Jays.