Lopez spends quality time with fiancée during bachelor party

The former Mr. Ali Landry is taking another whack at marriage. And if you’re going to go through all the trouble of putting a ring on your baby mama’s finger, you may as well get the best part of any impending ceremony—the Vegas bachelor party.

Mario Lopez was in town with a crew of dudes to kick things off Sept. 14 poolside at Tao Beach. That night, they went to Lavo to hunker down in the private dining room for dinner.

It was the following evening, though, where things took a decidedly un-bachelor-party turn. Which is absolutely a turn things can take. Shut up.

After dinner at the Cosmopolitan’s DOCG with her girls, Lopez’s fiancée, Courtney Mazza, got all decked out in a bustier, fedora and—wait for it—red evening gloves bedazzled with “I [heart] Mario” to perform for him at the Gallery-adjunct Pussycat Dolls Burlesque Saloon.

She claims she didn’t even see him after the show, but come on. You hire security guards to ensure your bride-to-be doesn’t even turn up in the same state you’re going to be in for the bachelor party, don’t you? The ones with instructions to gently chloroform your fiancée if she starts asking too many questions? That’s how you do it, right? We don’t know; we’ve never been married.

After another dinner at Lavo, Lopez and company finished off the night at Tao, where the Maxim Hometown Hotties were revealed. Which is exactly why you don’t want your future wife lurking up the street during a stag party. It’s like we have to think of everything around here.

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