Flip Frig Frack


A long time ago, in a Las Vegas far, far away from this one, James “Ask a Native” Reza and I sat in a conference room with the editor of the Las Vegas Weekly and defended the word “fuck,” which at that point would only appear in the magazine as an “F” with three asterisks—if it appeared at all. Reza and I had used the word thousands of times in the W***ly’s predecessor, Scope Magazine. It had appeared so often that it almost deserved a job description in Scope’s masthead. But the Weekly’s new editor—Reza’s successor—refused to have the word appear in the publication; she didn’t think it necessary to alternative journalism, which is like saying that wine isn’t a part of fine dining. That may or may not be the reason I love FuckingHomePage.com, an informational website that provides daily links and affirmations under headers anyone can relate to: “Website of the fucking day,” “Educate your ignorant ass,” “Life pro tip of the fucking day.” (Today: “Don’t pay so much fucking attention to celebrities.”) Then again, I may simply be a gosh-darned vulgar prick. – Geoff Carter