Robert Randolph and the Family Band

Vinyl at Hard Rock Hotel, Sept. 20

The Hard Rock Hotel team couldn’t have picked a better act for the grand opening of its newest music venue, Vinyl. Inside the intimate confines it was a funky good time as Robert Randolph and the Family Band jammed out with a high-energy 80-minute set. Appropriately kicking things off with “Good Times,” Randolph and his literal family (sister on backup vocals, cousins on guitar, bass and drums) got the crowd electrified for a boot-stomping funk-and-soul evening. A slamming rendition of “The March” took the evening to a higher level while “Shake Your Hips” ushered a throng of females to dance onstage and flank the pedal steel guitar wiz as he worked his magic. Keeping the momentum grooving with dance numbers “Press On,” “If I Had My Way” and “Traveling Shoes,” Vinyl became a dance hall for one evening. ★★★★☆

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