Vegas hearts the iHeart Radio fest

The iHeart Radio festival brought a slew of big, name-brand musicians to town (and, for some reason, Kathy Griffin). With that many people hitting the stage, it takes a special kind of performance to really grab the headlines. A performance like, say, dropping 758 F-bombs (estimated), calling out Justin Bieber and storming off stage. So, well played, Billie Joe Armstrong. After the Green Day front man’s freakout Sept. 22, he scored himself a trip to rehab. Guess there really is a lot of pressure going onstage after Usher and before Rihanna.

Ri-Ri took it easy, though, Sept. 20, chilling at Wet Republic. She had to save her energy for a midnight trip to the Guns and Ammo Garage for a private session where she unloaded rounds into a target. Presumably as a warning to Chris Brown.

The festival weekend also saw the big, public coming-out party for Deadmau5 and Kat Von D as the new heavily tattooed power couple du jour. “Katmau5” (nothing in the world will ever stop us from calling them that, even after they break up) went over to XS after the show Sept. 22. The couple were aggressively couple-y, with Deadmau5 turning around during his set to smile and wink at his new lady friend, and Von D making that hand-heart symbol with her DJ beau in the background. Maybe they’ll go get some romantic neck tats to celebrate.

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