Tech Company’s Presence at G2E Signals Shifting Landscape

There are three big issues facing online and mobile gambling: age and identity authentication (are you old enough to gamble, and are you really the person you say you are?), security (can anyone else see your transactions?), and geographic verification (are you really in a state where it’s legal to bet?). A company exhibiting at today’s Global Gaming Expo, Locaid, wants to be the go-to solution to the last problem.

Locaid provides cloud-based location services for companies that are already taking mobile bets in Nevada, like Cantor Gaming, Station Casinos, and William Hill (Leroy’s). In essence, they are a third party that confirms to companies taking bets that bettors are someplace where it is legal to accept them from. They do this in a variety of ways, from cell ID triangulation, GPS triangulation, IP geolocation and other means.

That Locaid, a San Francisco-based tech company, is even exhibiting at G2E shows how the gaming industry is becoming more about software than coin slots. The company isn’t predominantly a gaming vendor—their clients include mobile marketers, banks, and credit card companies. They even have a family location service that can help parents keep track of their kids—or at least their kids’ phones.

That the company is at the Venetian to spread the word about their services among potential casino clients is also telling. Locaid already works with all of the Nevada mobile providers, so it’s clear that they think this is a growing market. While that doesn’t provide any insight into whether a federal regulation bill will pass anytime soon, it shows that at least one company that has a vested stake in the sector is betting on more companies going mobile in the near future.