All Up In Your Facebook


I appreciate you taking time away from your Facebook feed to read these words. Trust me, if I could, I’d be there myself right now—continually refreshing the page, looking for those reposted George Takei articles that give meaning to my daily life. But as it is with any untamed wasteland, Facebook has its dangers—some external (scammers and unscrupulous advertisers, ever trying to get control of my feed), and some internal (Mark Zuckerberg, ever trying to tighten his grip on our hearts and minds). Facecrooks is a Facebook-watchdog site, updated almost daily, that roots out these dangers. A recent example: The post-by-e-mail feature in Facebook Groups allows hackers to pose as you, uploading photos and text, simply by using the e-mail address you use to log into Facebook. (“Facebook has no verification system; it simply sees that an e-mail is coming from the user’s e-mail address and assumes it’s actually them.”) If you’re living any portion of your life in Facebook, Facecrooks is absolutely vital reading.