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Instagram founder Kevin Systrom has parlayed the $741 million Facebook forked over for his photo app into a career as a DJ, because when you have $741 million, you get to go do everything you ever wanted to do. Once we get our hands on that kind of dough we’re totally going to become the world’s first big-game-hunting space pirate.

Systrom—who actually DJ’d throughout college (“Freeze Frame,” Vegas Seven, Sept. 20)—took over Rain on Sept. 29 under his nom-de-turntable Systromatic, where he spun for a crowd that included Adrian Grenier, the guys from Far East Movement and Saudi Prince, Fahad, who was wearing a shirt and jacket, which is a total waste of being a prince. If a prince can’t walk around in some kind of cape and crown outfit, then what’s even the point? A prince, we said. Not Prince. Because he would totally rock that.

We assume that Systrom and Fahad got into a big-money fight at some point during the night, where they playfully swung cartoonishly oversize canvas sacks marked with dollar signs and stuffed with Benjamins at each other.

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