Elevate Your Game

Spring comes early in youth baseball—or, rather, it never really goes away. And plenty of kids wouldn’t have it any other way, especially the 110 members of the freshly minted LV Rebels baseball club, ages 8-13, who got a chance to practice with UNLV coaches at the home of the real Rebels, Earl E. Wilson Stadium, on Sept. 30.

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The Crooning Counselor

Character Study

The Crooning Counselor

By Jerry Fink

Attorney Nikolas Mastrangelo, 64, grew up in Detroit and often found himself on street corners singing harmony with his childhood friends. But then what self-respecting Motor City boy didn’t in those days of doo-wop, be-bop and rock? It never crossed his mind that music was in his future. “I came from a typical Italian family: It was ‘Go get your education and start a career,’” says Mastrangelo, nattily dressed as always in a shirt and tie—an appropriate getup not only for his evening gig as an elegant crooner, but for his day job as an attorney.