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Spring comes early in youth baseball—or, rather, it never really goes away. And plenty of kids wouldn’t have it any other way, especially the 110 members of the freshly minted LV Rebels baseball club, ages 8-13, who got a chance to practice with UNLV coaches at the home of the real Rebels, Earl E. Wilson Stadium, on Sept. 30.

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3 Questions This Week


3 Questions This Week

By Heidi Kyser

If there’s a body of water anywhere near you—man-made or natural—that’s growing an emerald coat of slime, it’s time to do something. West Nile Virus season is now through October, and mosquitoes, which pass the virus to humans, use green pools as breeding grounds. The county has drained 450 pools in vacant homes since 2010, but the problem persists. The Southern Nevada Health District found its first batch of infected mosquitoes in August and reported this year’s first case of West Nile in a human on Sept. 14.