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Selected by Jeanne Goodrich, executive director for the Las Vegas-Clark County Library District.

In this hot and heavy political season, The New York Times columnist Gail Collins’ latest book, As Texas Goes… How the Lone Star State Hijacked the American Agenda (Liveright, $26), is a must read. By turns sharply insightful and hilariously funny, Collins makes the case that much of the source of current conservative political positions (everything from sexual abstinence to banking deregulation and expanding gun rights) comes from Texas and the mythos Texans have constructed about themselves. And for Nevadans, it’s fascinating to read about a state that rivals us in terms of rankings (50th in spending on mental health, 43rd in high school graduation, and first in uninsured children, for example). Very engaging, stimulating reading.

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Robert Randolph and the Family Band


Robert Randolph and the Family Band

By Craig Asher Nyman

The Hard Rock Hotel team couldn’t have picked a better act for the grand opening of its newest music venue, Vinyl. Inside the intimate confines it was a funky good time as Robert Randolph and the Family Band jammed out with a high-energy 80-minute set. Appropriately kicking things off with “Good Times,” Randolph and his literal family (sister on backup vocals, cousins on guitar, bass and drums) got the crowd electrified for a boot-stomping funk-and-soul evening.