Paris has a new punch-happy boyfriend

Maybe Steve Wynn should’ve stuck to that ban a little longer.

Paris Hilton is in the middle of another controversy at XS, though this time she didn’t do anything illegal. She left that part up to her new boyfriend.

Apparently, Hilton and new fella River Viiperi—which has to be a made-up name, like “Rock Snakestab” or “Mitt Romney”—were at the Wynn club late Sept. 30, when Hilton started making out with another girl, according to reports. (Which is delightful, given that she was just caught on tape saying gays were disgusting.)

This didn’t sit so well with the 21-year-old Viiperi, so he did the logical thing. No, not tell Hilton to knock it off. No, he didn’t take it as a clear sign from a benevolent god that dating Hilton is a patently terrible idea. He, instead, punched the boyfriend of Hilton’s make-out buddy. Which will teach that guy not to date someone who has bad enough judgment to voluntarily slip Paris the tongue.

Metro ticketed Viiperi for misdemeanor battery after being called to the club at about 3:30 a.m. Benji Madden, Doug Reinhardt and Afrojack, meanwhile breathed a deep, congratulatory sigh of bullet-dodging relief.

The crowd at Marquee wasn’t so lucky on Sept. 29, though. Hilton was there with her brother Barron when she hopped on the mic to—ahem—sing “Last Night” for the unfortunate mass of poor souls who couldn’t reach the exits in time.

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