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Thursday, Oct. 4

The fourth annual Vegas CineFest is in full swing at the Palms, and there’s no better place to be right now if you dig indie films. It continues through Oct. 7 and features dozens of screenings daily, plus a trade show where you can pitch your project to distributors.

Friday, Oct. 5

Ah, the good old days … indentured servitude, the plague, dentistry without painkillers. We can romanticize about the Renaissance because we didn’t have to live through it. And that’s exactly what we plan to do at the 19th annual Age of Chivalry Renaissance Fair at Silver Bowl Park on Russell Road. There’ll be music, food, busty wenches and flagons of ale aplenty through Sunday. Party like it’s 1599!

Saturday, Oct. 6

Speaking of the Renaissance, there was this guy you may have heard of—William Shakespeare—who wrote some good stuff. The fine folks in Henderson honor ol’ Bill about this time every year with Shakespeare in the Park, the city’s longest-running cultural event. This year’s play is Hamlet, and the first of four shows is tonight, 7 p.m. at Sonata Park. Free, see for additional shows and locations.

Sunday, Oct. 7

Hey, the Stratosphere is in the fright biz, too. Dr. Havock’s Sideshow of Curiosities sounds less gory than some of the others, which might be a welcome respite for our frazzled souls. Through Oct. 31, check Dr. Havock’s Facebook page for info.

Monday, Oct. 8

The deep thinkers at Brookings Mountain West believe the west is becoming a powerful swing region. They’ve put together a conference called The Political Demography and Geography of the Intermountain West to tell you about it, 8 a.m.-3:30 p.m. at Greenspun Hall on the UNLV campus.

Tuesday, Oct. 9

CSN puts its Department of Fine Arts on display this evening with an annual scholarship concert, featuring performances by five of the college’s music ensembles. It’s culture for a good cause. 7:30 p.m. in the Nicholas J. Horn Theatre on the Cheyenne campus.

Wednesday, Oct. 10

Speaking of Halloween haunts, Hotel Fear and the Asylum have opened their doors on Craig Road just west of Losee Road near Craig Ranch Park. They’re not open today, but get ready for Friday and Saturday, when the hours are 6:30 p.m.-midnight.

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