The Boiling Crab

The seafood chain from California specializes in the ultimate in casual dining: eating with your hands and wearing a bib. There’s more than just crab at the Boiling Crab. In fact, if it’s in a shell and comes from the ocean, they’ll steam it and douse it in butter, garlic and any combination of their spicy Cajun and lemon-pepper seasonings. Then roll up your sleeves and get down and dirty. Tear into a plastic bag filled with your choice of crustacean, and become one with your most primal instincts, ripping heads from bodies, peeling shells and sucking out juices. Don’t worry if you feel like a complete savage; the bib totally makes you look dignified.

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Cocktail Culture


By Xania V. Woodman

Following the kitchen’s lead, Fox Restaurant Concepts beverage manager Mat Snapp is committed to using house-made syrups and infusions at Culinary Dropout wherever possible. “Everything tastes better when you put time, effort and energy into it,” Snapp says. His original creation, Bells & Whistles, actually had its beginnings in the kitchen, at a barbecue festival’s cocktail competition. “I wanted a cocktail that mirrored all the great things about barbecue: some smokiness, some sweetness and some heat.” Simple syrup infused with charred bell pepper and jalapeño does the trick nicely.