DJ Pauly D has a doppelgänger

First it was Deadmau5. Then we had Cazzette. Now, in the fine tradition of DJs or DJ-related-people wearing weird crap on their heads, we have the giant Pauly D mascot head.

God help us all.

Whether getting in on the headgear craze or just taking a swipe at Deadmau5 following their Twitter-fueled public spat in May, Pauly D was interrupted during his set at Rehab on Oct. 7 by a creepy-as-hell giant Pauly D bobblehead, who jumped on the decks and sprayed the crowd with champagne.

Then, because the fine folks at Vanity weren’t sufficiently creeped out, the DJ and the doppelgänger turned up at Vanity for the late shift. The really scary part is, now that Jay-Z owns a piece of the Nets, it’s not inconceivable that Pauly D could invest in a minor league team somewhere and make this abomination fire a T-shirt cannon at crowds, nightly. Buckle up, Orleans Arena. Minority Wranglers owner Paul DelVecchio could become a reality.

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