Estiatorio Milos

This is our city’s best Greek restaurant—something no one disputes. But it’s also our most expensive one. Live seafood from the Aegean is a luxury, and simply put, not everyone can afford to eat dinner here. But lunch is a different story: $20.12 buys a three-course afternoon feast, starting with an appetizer. There are six choices, including grilled octopus and the amazing Maryland blue crab cake. We usually pick the Greek meze plate (six components, such as stuffed vine leaves, olives, taramosalata and tomatoes). Then we move on to entrées such as lavraki with horta (a Mediterranean sea bass), a delicious tuna burger, lobster salad (for a supplement), a chicken brochette with mushrooms and onion on a pita, or even lamb chops with french fries. Yes, you get dessert, too. Our favorites: karidopita, a tasty honey-soaked walnut cake; and yogurt with thyme honey and walnuts.