Hong Kong Garden

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There’s an English menu above the cold station at this Chinese deli counter offering items such as goose intestine, pig’s ear marinated in sesame oil and chili, and five-spiced boiled peanuts that you won’t be able to stop eating. On that menu, you’ll see that whole roast suckling pig is available for $180. No worries: It feeds about 12. Break it down, and that’s $15 per person for one of the truly great eating experiences in Las Vegas. It’s just one gem on this 200-plus-item bilingual menu, which includes such fare as rice, minced duck and Chinese sausage cooked in a clay pot, green beans with XO sauce, and live Dungeness crab sautéed with ginger and garlic. If you’re not Chinese, make sure to ask for the complimentary house soup, which might be pork broth studded with winter melon, or a chicken soup laced with carrot and radish. Most of the traditional Chinese restaurant standards are here, but if you wish to go native and order a dish like Hong Kong-style crispy noodle with sautéed beef and bitter melon, you won’t be disappointed.