Taste of Nairobi, Wine 5 Café

Calling itself Kenyan-American fusion, Wine 5 Café also has notes of Indian fare on its menu, thanks to Kenya’s sizeable Indian population. Taste of Nairobi features chapatti, traditional Indian bread and chicken curry, which is all legs and thighs on the bone in a large casserole dish. The mild, sauce-rich curry, with long shards of carrot, potato and onion smothers the meat, along with a crown of green beans.

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Cocktail Culture


By Xania V. Woodman

Following the kitchen’s lead, Fox Restaurant Concepts beverage manager Mat Snapp is committed to using house-made syrups and infusions at Culinary Dropout wherever possible. “Everything tastes better when you put time, effort and energy into it,” Snapp says. His original creation, Bells & Whistles, actually had its beginnings in the kitchen, at a barbecue festival’s cocktail competition. “I wanted a cocktail that mirrored all the great things about barbecue: some smokiness, some sweetness and some heat.” Simple syrup infused with charred bell pepper and jalapeño does the trick nicely.